A cheap USB Stick Blocks Hackers, Viruses and other Digital Pests from Accessing Your Personal Data

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Clever new device is saving your PC

If you want to protect your PC from hackers and viruses, there’s a simple $25 device that plugs into your USB slot and keeps your private files locktight safe. And if this past year is anything to go by, EVERYBODY needs this device.

Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg and Venus Williams are just three among the millions of people who’ve had private emails, online profiles and personal files stolen by hackers. This includes:

  1. 500 million Yahoo accounts hacked
  2. $65 million stolen from a Bitcoin exchange
  3. 30,000 FBI and Homeland Security agent profiles stolen
  4. $21 billion in credit card information ($4900 per household).

And it’s not just big companies, banks and government offices at risk. Every home PC is vulnerable to the latest hacking techniques and sophisticated viruses.

Thankfully there is a way of protecting your private photos, videos and private files for just $25..






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